CREATING AN AMBIENCE TO LIVE IN What you find beautiful has a lot to do with where you have been and what you have seen – white and neutral tones are chic and elegant, intense graphic motifs add a modern, urban touch and rustic or classically inspired elements create a sense of peace and homeliness. Style is very personal, not just because it elicits a personal aesthetic response, but also because it sets the tone for the ambience you feel happy in, the lifestyle you aspire to.

Interior styling should therefore not be confused with fashion. Fashions represent a fleeting moment but style is forever – a reflection of yourself represented through your beautifully appointed home. We help you find that balance; achieve the look and lifestyle that your travels and experience have inspired in you. Our design service works at your side to make sure your property is everything you would want it to be: comfortable, stylish, welcoming and unmistakably you.

SIESTA INTERIOR DESIGN is a part of Siesta Homes. Far more than just a property specialist, Siesta Homes is a company with a service driven philosophy in which design is a central element. Its importance can be seen in our offices and corporate presentation, but above all in the architecture, layout and landscaping of the homes we create. It is a process completed by Interior Design, when an inspired real estate concept becomes a living home.

The service encompasses internal decoration, furnishing and also building work, taking care of any part of the process for you. We provide ongoing updates and apply an open-office policy whereby you are welcome to drop by anytime and discuss your requirements.